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Youth And Criminal Law

Youth who are between the ages of 12 and 17 years can be charged with criminal offences. As young people, although they are charged under the criminal code, the manner in which they are dealt with by the police, courts and prosecutors is dictated in large part by the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Understanding how these two laws interact and effect young people charged criminally is essential to any representation of them.It should never be taken lightly when a young person is charged with a criminal offence, no matter how seemingly innocuous the offence. From shoplifting to murder, every offence must be taken seriously to ensure that the young person has the opportunity to have a future that is not dictated by or destroyed by actions they may have taken as a teenager.

As a former Assistant Crown Attorney, defence lawyer Antonietta F. Raviele prosecuted many young people for criminal offences and now defends those same youth, having a special understanding of how youth prosecutions are conducted and what clients can expect from prosecutors.

Our goal is to ensure that young people charged with criminal offences have a future that is not dictated by their past.

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