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Employment Contracts

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Although this saying can apply to many things, it is never more applicable than when considering whether to use an employment contract to govern the employer / employee relationship.Provided what is agreed upon in an employment contract meets minimum standards (such as the Ontario
Employment Standards Act), the clauses in an employment contract can also provide certainty regarding situations that commonly arise within the context of the employment relationship, the most important being the end of that relationship. When the employment relationship ends, whether through resignation or termination, how that happens, and what the consequences may be can largely be spelled out in an employment contract, thus lessening the potential future risks associated with termination, whether with just cause or not. When properly drafted, an employment agreement can not only protect the interests of the parties at the end of the relationship, it can also ensure that all parties are aware of their duties and responsibilities during the course of said employment.

Where there is no employment contract, the ability to ensure certainty and clarity lessens considerably, often leaving the parties involved to rely on past conversations or understandings that could otherwise have been simply articulated in a document to which the employer and employee both agreed and consented to.

RV Law provides experienced and knowledgeable legal drafting and advice so that any employment relationship entered into is based on a sound and comprehensive contract, which protects the parties from potential unnecessary and unwanted litigation down the road.

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