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Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please be advised that in response to the threat posed by Covid-19, the offices of RV Law LLP will be closed to the general public, save and except for regularly scheduled deliveries and as required to service existing clients with impending deadlines.

During this time, we have implemented protocol to keep the physical premises sanitized and to supply our staff with vinyl gloves and face masks. For the safety and well being of our staff and the general public, we will service all other legal needs by adopting government recommended social distancing efforts and, to this end, will limit all other client meetings and discussions to digital and teleconference communication.

We are confident in our ability to continue servicing all existing and new client matters during these challenging times and invite you to email or call our firm with any questions or concerns you may have.

Workplace Issues

RV Law has extensive experience handling and resolving workplace issues both in the litigation context and, whenever possible, through more cost effective and streamlined alternate dispute resolution contexts such as conciliation, mediation, and/or arbitration.Common workplace issues include:

  • discrimination;
  • harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment;
  • bullying;
  • industry and/or workplace policy breaches; and
  • misconduct in the workplace,

all of which tend to give rise to an investigation, resulting in possible discipline or dismissal.

Whether you are an:

  • employee facing investigatory proceedings, discipline, or dismissal related to a workplace issue; or
  • employer requiring proper counsel in order to ensure that proper and legally compliant procedure is followed in carrying out an investigation and any follow up sanctions,

make RV Law your law firm of choice for reliable representation and quality results.

Don’t risk losing your rights by waiting too long to seek help. Contact us now:

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