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Termination Clauses Be Careful Of The Wording

Termination Clauses: Be careful of the wording! Written by: Antonietta F. Raviele An employee can be terminated in one of two ways. First, an employee can be terminated with cause or in other words, with sufficient justifiable reason, which does…

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Termination And Reasonable Notice

Termination and Reasonable Notice Failure to provide reasonable notice or the appropriate pay in lieu thereof prior to terminating an individual's employment often results in a wrongful dismissal suit being launched against the employer. Less frequently, employers are brought before…

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Accommodate Or Else

Accommodate Or Else The duty to accommodate is one employers must take seriously lest they fall victim to costly litigation and resulting award of damages to employees who have suffered economic loss resulting from an employer's failure to fulfill this…

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Accommodating The Employees Right To Vote

Accommodating the Employee's Right to Vote This past federal election presented an interesting scenario when a client contacted our office on April 29, 2011 to voice his displeasure at his employer's refusal to allow him time off to cast his…

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Human Rights Complaints Post Bill 107

Human Rights Complaints Post Bill 107 The Ontario Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2006 tabled as Bill 107 was passed by the Ontario legislature on December 5, 2006. With the passing of Bill 107, employers can expect a more litigious…

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