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Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please be advised that in response to the threat posed by Covid-19, the offices of RV Law LLP have implemented protocol to keep the physical premises sanitized and to supply our staff with necessary personal protective equipment. For the safety and well being of our staff and the general public, we are providing services by adopting government recommended social distancing efforts and, to this end, we are meeting clients through a combination of telephone, other electronic means and in-person only when necessary.

We are confident in our ability to continue servicing all existing and new client matters during these challenging times and invite you to email or call our firm with any questions or concerns you may have.

Estates Law Articles

The Last Will Testament Form And Substance

The Last Will & Testament (Form and Substance) Most people know that a Will allows one's property to pass to one's beneficiaries in accordance with one's wishes, absent which, Ontario legislation dictates the disposition of one's estate. Wills also allow…

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Custody & Guardianship of Minors & Minors’ Property

Custody & Guardianship of Minors & Minors' Property Provincial legislation in Ontario allows for the appointment of custodial parents for minor children in case of death, and also allows the appointment of guardians of the child(ren)'s property. Custody of Minors…

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Joint Ownership

Joint Ownership Co-owners of real property and certain types of personal property can own such property as either "joint tenants" or as "tenants in common". While joint tenants have identical and indivisible proportions, durations of interest, and identical rights of…

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Living Wills Questions And Answers

Living Wills: Questions and Answers 1. Q: What would a Living Will typically consist of? A: A Living Will tends to form part of a more comprehensive estate planning document known as the Power of Attorney for Personal Care. The…

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No Such Thing As A Simple Will

No Such Thing as a Simple Will For most people the task of accounting for all that they own and deciding how and to whom such assets are to be transferred upon their deceasing is a daunting task. That said,…

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Power Of Attorney For Personal Care

Power of Attorney for Personal Care I. Power of Attorney for Personal Care: What is it? A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a legal estate planning document which appoints an individual with decision making power to be exercised…

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The Executor Basic Questions And Answers

The Executor: Basic Questions and Answers 1. What is an executor? An executor is a person or company that shall represent the estate of a deceased with respect to matters of administration such as: burial arrangements; the collection of debts…

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