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Fraud and Misrepresentation

Fraud and misrepresentation are not exclusively criminal matters. Victims often find their best recourse is through the civil courts, whether or not the authorities have prosecuted criminally. Lawsuit for these commercial torts can provide financial compensation or the losses resulting from the misdeeds.RV Law has experience representing clients in various business litigation matters, including fraud and misrepresentation.

Protecting Your Business’s Financial Health in the Short and Long Term

Our firm represents businesses throughout Ontario in cases involving intentional or negligent business misrepresentation, as well as unfair business practices. These claims can involve a wide range of actions and behaviours, but all have a damaging financial impact on our clients.

Allegations could stem from a written or oral statement that is intentionally false or misleading. The omission of a significant fact may also amount to fraud or misrepresentation. In other words, there may be instances where failure to disclose a material fact or a known defect will give rise to civil liability.

While litigation may come at many costs to a business, we will always look at what resolutions are optimal for achieving your goals. In some cases, this means arbitration or mediation may be a better option. In others, this means that pursuing a resolution in the courtroom is preferable. You can be assured that at RV Law, we will do whatever is best for your interests throughout the process.

Representing Consumers in Litigation

In addition to fraud and intentional misrepresentation, the law recognizes the tort of negligent misrepresentation, which typically occurs when someone makes a statement that he or she “ought to have known” was untrue or misleading. Victims of negligent misrepresentation may be entitled to an award of damages associated with established pecuniary loss, whereas exemplary or punitive damages may be appropriately awarded over and above economic loss in clear cases of fraudulent misrepresentation.

Whether you have been a victim of fraud or misrepresentation — individually or commercially — or whether you or your business is accused of engaging in conduct that allegedly constitutes fraud, misrepresentation; an unfair or deceptive business practice; or misleading marketing or false advertising: RV Law can help.

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