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Sincere gratitude

Hi Dean,
I realize I already thanked you earlier today but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your legal expertise and representation during today’s return to work meeting.Having you present at today’s RTW Meeting resulted in employer and WSIB finally conceding to remove the earlier terms and conditions from the February 2013 RTW Plan that were to my detriment and agreeing to accommodate me properly. Had you not been present – today’s RTW Meeting would have undoubtedly yielded a less favorable outcome.Thank you also for your advice. You are correct, that it is important for me to take the next few days to refocus my energy on my RTW and settling back in to my position. That being said, today marks another day where you helped make a positive impact on someone’s life that needed your help and for whom you came through like the Shining Star you are! With Sincere Gratitude,

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