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Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please be advised that in response to the threat posed by Covid-19, the offices of RV Law LLP have implemented protocol to keep the physical premises sanitized and to supply our staff with necessary personal protective equipment. For the safety and well being of our staff and the general public, we are providing services by adopting government recommended social distancing efforts and, to this end, we are meeting clients through a combination of telephone, other electronic means and in-person only when necessary.

We are confident in our ability to continue servicing all existing and new client matters during these challenging times and invite you to email or call our firm with any questions or concerns you may have.

Toronto Probate Lawyers

Estate Administration, also known as Probate is a legal and technical process where complying with the rules of the court, estates, trusts, and succession laws, as well as tax laws are of the utmost importance. Failing to provide an accurate accounting of assets can easily lead to costly and stressful delays, litigation, and can even expose an executor or trustee to liability. Challenging as it may be, an experienced estates lawyer can facilitate the administration process immensely and alleviate the otherwise burdensome tasks imposed on the estate trustee. Serving Toronto, Mississauga and the rest of Ontario, the legal team at RV Law is ready to help you with all of your needs so you can focus on the grieving process with your family.

Contact us today to discuss your situation during a consultation at our office.

Estate Administration and Probate Lawyers

In the context of representing our clients in matters of Estate Administration, we regularly advise and are retained to act on a wide range of complex legal issues including:

  • The interpretation of estate documents
  • Addressing matters respecting the validity and enforceability of will and trust instruments
  • Beneficiary disputes
  • Rights of persons not named as beneficiaries in testamentary documents
  • Dependent’s relief claims
  • Duties, obligations and potential liability associated with serving as an executor or trustee
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of attorneys for property and personal care
  • Issues concerning mental capacity

We regularly act in Estate Administration proceedings whether or not our firm was involved in the preparation of the estate planning documents pursuant to which the administration is governed.

Furthermore, in the instance that a family member has died intestate (without leaving a will), we can be retained in order to represent a next of kin before the Ontario courts to make certain that an estate trustee be appointed in order to administer the deceased’s estate.

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For more information regarding our estate planning and probate services in Toronto, Ontario, contact RV Law and schedule an initial consultation. Call our office at 416-364-5200 today.

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